The Sale (of) Man

Medium: Digital Art Print.
Size: 42x59.4 cm. 
Country: Singapore.
Year: 2023.

︎ ︎ This work presents a fascinating contrast that takes place in contemporary Asian society, where consumerism and materialism have become dominant. The artwork invites us to ponder over the impact of these societal norms on the working class, who are struggling to keep up with the demands of the modern world. The artist has managed to create a whimsical and intriguing piece of art that not only pays homage to a great artist, but also encourages us to think more deeply about our values and priorities.

This work is part of For Art's Sake 2023 exhibition - organised and curated by GOFY. The exhibition takes place from October 14th, 2023 through January 28th, 2024, showcasing Southeast Asian urban art across 20 locations in Singapore.

*credit: GOFY
︎ ︎  The work is currently on display at @yeastside and @butterbytwomen, Singapore. And if you fall in love with a piece - you can purchase a print online ︎︎︎.

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