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Jill Tran is a Saigonese millennial who lives and practises in Singapore. Having 5-year experience as Main Media Artist at At the Art Studio under her belt and being the one actualising all the artworks is a blessing for her. From Autumn 2016 to Spring 2022, she could not be more grateful for being given chances to develop visuals in numerous exciting projects with established clients, such as Mandai Park Development, Hirsch Bedner Associates, Citadines, Marriott Lonepine Capri by Fraser (China Square and Kuala Lumpur), Shangri-La Lonepine, Hilton, to name a few.

Moving on from her creative journey, Jill starts freelancing and welcoming commission opportunities. 

Jill is obsessed by nostalgia. Her works bud from experiences and observations in contemporary life, and grow by chimerical thoughts fueled from a strong interest in Oriental aesthetic ethos. Always feeling thankful for the present, yet she often wonders how life would have been, if she had been born earlier.


2020  Nay Mam, Group Exhibition, Vietnam.
2020  Di dem co ngay gap ma, KhoMuc studio, Vietnam.
2020  Pameran Poskad, ION Art Gallery, Singapore.
2019  REJECTS, The Substation, Singapore.
2018  Pameran Poskad, ION Art Gallery, Singapore.
2018  ART STAGE Singapore.
2017  NOISExBOD: 52 Tales, Wisma Atria Community Art Exhibition, Singapore.
2016  The P.LAB, library@orchard, Singapore.
2016  AFCC BIG Gallery, National Library Board, Singapore.


2022  YUCs 2022 by RoomFifty, Shortlisted. 
Indigo Design Award, Gold and Silver medals.
2020  World of Illustration, Shortlisted.
2019  World of Illustration, Shortlisted.

Selected Projects

2023  Portraiture @1664 Blanc, Singapore.
Portraiture @The Le Monde d’Hermès Kiosk, Singapore.
  Capri by Fraser Kualar Lumpur, Singapore.
2020  Mandai Development, Singapore.
2019 Citadines @Balestier, Singapore.
2019  Capri by Fraser China Square, Singapore.

Featured Articles
Tomorrow Talent Vol.III - book ; BranD magazine Issue.68 - magazine ; @hifructosemag ; BooooooomKho Muc Studio 


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