Jill Tran

Gallery Light Up

Medium: Digital 
Size: 19.5m x 25m
Client: At the Art Studio
Country: Singapore
Year: 2019

* Photos courtesy At the Art Studio. Prints are available at www.atastudio.sg


ATAS reinterpretation of Georgette Chen’s self-portraits and still-life, introduces new subjects' matter and rendition to what is a widely recognized masterpiece.


︎ ︎ Still life was a favorite subject of Georgette Chen, whereby ordinary and everyday objects from life were painted. Bananas in a basket, 1953-1955 and Mooncakes with Green Pomelo, 1965 – 1968 was given the same execution bold, broad and bright brushstrokes. Their already simplified form was taken a step further, graphical strokes and flat rendered colors are juxtaposed to create an unstable artificial definition of space yet preserving the multiple perspective that’s so characteristic in Post- Impressionistic style artworks. Does the new graphic interpretation still assert the emotive suggestion of symbolic meaning? - harmony of the pomelos, family’s prosperity and reunion of mooncakes, the South East Asian simplistic lifestyle of the tropical fruit basket.

Gallery Light Up: The event 

National Gallery Online Exhibition:


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