Killing Commendatore

Medium: Ink on paper.
Size: 14 x 20.5 cm.
Country: Vietnam.
Year: 2020.

*This artwork was created for a recent book cover competition organised by Nha Nam Publishing and Communications and JPF (The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam).

︎ ︎ The artist’s studio and the pit are parallel layers of existence in a fog of feeling nuances. These “worlds” swivel around an axle – or the sword that kills the Commendatore. On the other hand, this composition is my ideation about the main structure of the mysterious bell that rings in the woods every night – or – the Idea’s calling awakening the artist. On this basic structure, iconic images (the moon, the owl, the Peugeot 205…) and shades of red are placed to form a tornado pointing towards the streak of blood where the Idea arises and unstoppably demands to be out, to be expressed, or to be killed.

compositional sketch


master illustration

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