At the Cross Street

Medium: Digital - Fabricated as wallpaper
Size: 8.33 - 3.5m (wall AB)| 12.25 - 3.5m (wall C)
Country: Singapore
Year: 2019

* Photos courtesy At the Art Studio.

︎ ︎ A symbolic combination of past and present through the lens of a millennial revives a fictionalized Cross Street, which still preserves its own charm with its iconic images from the former century while inhaling vivid breath of youth. Here, Cross Street’s alluring residents enjoy trendy, modern-day pastime, while displaying unique and distinctive heritage of the good old days. This creates an interesting and endearing juxtaposition of ‘old’ and ‘new’, ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’.

Line works


Indigo Design Awards: Gold Award


*Liu, G. (2013). Singapore - A Pictorial History 1819-2000, 2013.

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